Pre-Algebra Storybooks

These readers are not intended to be a complete course in algebra, but rather a simple introduction to the vocabulary used in a traditional, more advanced math class, thus offering an advantage for students who will take a course in algebra later on.

They are intended to provide practice for anyone wishing to:


  1. Sharpen reading skills
  2. Sharpen concentration and analysis skills
  3. Build a vocabulary in mathematical terms commonly used in more advanced math classes.


The stories in each book relate the unknown and unfamiliar to the known and the familiar. Real life experiences are depicted where math can help and concepts can be made clearer. There are multiple books in this series with the concepts and vocabulary of one leading to the next. The books labeled 2.0, 3.0, and so on, are review storybooks which summarize and very quickly put previous unit story concepts and vocabulary together.

Lesson 1.0, however, is an introductory lesson on “sets,” because there are no previous lessons to review. Students and tutors who become proficient in the vocabulary introduced in these storybooks may want to experience the more involved Algebra course offered by Family Literacy Centers, Inc. which can be accessed online and in newsprint text books. Contact Family Literacy Centers, Inc. for more information.  You can download these here:


Elementary Algebra Course Objectives

Elementary Algebra Storybooks for Grades 4-6 – UNIT 1 (Print Version)

Elementary Algebra Storybooks for Grades 4-6 – UNIT 2 (Print Version)

Elementary Algebra Storybooks for Grades 4-6 – UNIT 3 (Print Version)

Elementary Algebra Storybooks for Grades 4-6 – Computer Interactive Presentation 

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